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TransitWire: Cheviot Hills Loses Expo Battle, Bev Hills Shows Off Purple Line Opposition

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CHEVIOT HILLS: Maybe times are a-changin', because a Westside neighborhood now appears to have lost its battle to stymie rapid transit. A group of Cheviot Hills homeowners sued over the Expo Line to Santa Monica, demanding it be buried underground, but they tentatively lost an appellate decision last month. That decision was affirmed today, following arguments from the homeowners' group (known as Neighbors for Smart Rail) and the Expo Construction Authority. "We find no merit in petitioner's contentions and affirm the judgment," the court ruled. "Respondents shall recover their costs on appeal." NFSR can take their case to the California Supreme Court, but it seems unlikely it would take the case. [Curbed Staff]

BEVERLY HILLS: Meanwhile, another transit battle royale is playing out nearby as some BH residents dig in against a proposed subway tunnel that would run under BH High School. In advance of important meetings--a Metro planning meeting tomorrow and a Metro board meeting on April 26--signs are sprouting up denouncing the planned route, which Metro says is safe and necessary to bring a stop to central Century City (many in BH refute this). The sign pictured above comes courtesy of Nancy Krasne, the strident former BH councilwoman who referred to the Purple Line plan as having "terrorist aspects." [Curbed Staff]