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Take a Look Back at Another Wonderful CicLAvia

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

DOWNTOWN/CHINATOWN: Another lovely Sunday afternoon, another CicLAvia, another gajillion happy Angelenos. As un-carness gets bigger and bigger in LA, the 10-mile road party continues to feed into everyone's previously untapped desires to go nuts, ride bikes, play giant chess, and hopscotch in the streets. Our always game and generally kickass Curbed photographer Elizabeth Daniels took a four hour walk yesterday for CicLAvia number four--from Eighth and Hill, down Spring and Main, up to Chinatown, and back. Here's her take:

"Like the other years I covered this, I had a feeling of swelling pride to be a native and a resident of LA.

"People were in a great mood and like the other CicLAvias, it was amazingly diverse. Every age, gender, race, economic background was represented. Its such a great melting pot. People are so kind to each other and everyone is just there to have fun. It felt safe everywhere I went.

"That bike ride is really something. I don't know what it does to people but everyone is in harmony and its really amazing to be a part of. It feels very inclusive?The biggest thing that was different about this year compared to the others was that there were a lot more people.

"Also, there was a strange but hilarious trend of men with little dogs in backpacks, baskets etc... Lots of dogs, but a very distinct trend of men carrying their dogs on their bikes or on their backs?

"Also there was a guy riding around in a bunny suit who was surly. He had some bling on around his neck and was scowling at everyone. I saw people fist pounding him as he walked by. I think it would have been less funny if he were smiling at everyone. There was also a guy riding in a head to toe black spiderman costume.

"That's it. I'm so happy I went. It really is such a special thing. And the weather was perfect."

For a wonky planning take and some history on CicLAvia, Design Observer has an adapted chapter on the event from the new book Planning Los Angeles. [Curbed Staff]