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Vincent Gallo Wants to Shut Down the Arts District Beautification Program

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Well, that's it everyone: we've finally reached the day when TMZ is reporting on Los Angeles's business improvement districts, those neighborhood upkeep/public safety/beautification programs that are funded via special assessments (the city collects the fee and keeps the money in trust for use only in the specific neighborhood covered by the BID--there are ones in Westwood, all over Downtown, Wilshire Center, North Hollywood and many other commercially-driven areas around the city). Vincent Gallo, the pretty gross actor and very active Arts District property owner, is now suing Los Angeles over the Arts District Business Improvement District, saying it provides "no benefit" to the area and complaining that it's "run by a private company that is doing everything in its power to keep it running" (for reference, here's the list of the members on the board of directors and their affiliations in the area). Gallo wants the BID shut down and wants it to return all the money its taken in since it was founded in 2005, which totals $1.3 million, according to TMZ. We're unsure how accurate that is, since the ADBID's website says its annual budget is $1.1 million.
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