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Walmart's LA Advance Continues With Panorama City GroSto

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Walmart will take over LA by hook or by crook. After securing permits for a 33,000 square foot grocery store in Chinatown, Walmart announced today they will be opening an even more petite "Neighborhood Market" grocery concept in the Panorama City section of the Valley--one mile from an existing Walmart. There won't be any appeals, apparently, since this puppy is already under construction and scheduled to open at the end of the year. The 31,000 square foot store will open in the Vannord retail center on Nordhoff, inside the shuttered Valley Foods Warehouse. Ron Wood, president of the Valley Economic Alliance, thinks Walmart is good news for PC: "This neighborhood has struggled in the last couple of years... Most folks here walk to do their shopping and are finding the options are increasingly limited." The Panorama store will be Walmart's seventh LA location, counting the existing Panorama store and the forthcoming Chinatown market; West Hills, Porter Ranch, Baldwin Hills, and Torrance are the other neighborhoods to have fallen under Sam Walton's Arkansas spell.
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