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Curbed Giveaway: Planning Los Angeles

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As part of the American Planning Association National Conference, being held this weekend in our lovely city, we're happy to announce the release of Planning Los Angeles, edited by Curbed friend David Sloane of USC. We'll have more on the book this week, but for now we're happy to offer one free copy to a Curbed reader.

Planning Los Angeles gathers 35 essays to uncover the "influences and outcomes of planning for a diverse population, regulating land use and providing transportation in a sprawling city, protecting green space, and supporting economic development."

To enter our giveaway: please email us at with your name and address. Also, tell us what is your favorite planned place in Los Angeles? We won't pass on your information to anyone, we just need it to send you the book, right. The winner will be picked at random from submitted entries. One per person/email/household please. Entry for the giveaway must be received by Tuesday, April 17, 2012.