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Sad Saddle: Money Woes for Big Silver Lake Art Installation

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Efforts to make the Sunset Junction area of Silver Lake less shabby are moving as fast as most things in LA. A proposed art project named Bloomrs (known colloquially as the Saddle)--planned for the traffic triangle at Sunset, Santa Monica, and a Jiffy Lube--was already scaled down so it could be made for under $100,000, but Eastsider LA reports now that that's still too expensive. Apparently, the $100K budget on the steel sculpture also included work on a small plaza near the intersection, according to Julie Wong in City Councilmember Eric Garcetti's office. Bloomrs artist Heather McGinn, of the firm All That is Solid, says she thought that money was to cover "the cost of their entry and the repaving the ground immediately underneath but not the reconstruction of nearby curbs and other elements of the streets and sidewalks." It's not clear how much extra dough is needed for the plaza or if anyone is trying to raise the money or apply for a grant. Local improvements in the area (down to Edgecliffe) also include new crosswalks, street furniture, and landscaping, but Eastsider reports that work has been pushed back until late summer.
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