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Bigger, Better North Atwater Park Kicks Off LA River Comeback

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Yesterday marked the grand opening of the North Atwater Park Expansion and Creek Restoration project--a $4 million project that restored Atwater Creek with a suite of stormwater management best practices. According to the LA Stormwater Blog, this is the "lead project" for the LA River Revitalization Master Plan. A press release from the Department of Public Works (via Eastsider LA) details the improvements: "The $4-million project regraded an 800-foot narrow open channel, reshaped it, and removed invasive plant species to improve water flow. Structural stormwater best management practices including a trash removal device and native vegetation were implemented to improve the quality of water draining from the 60-acre sub watershed out to the LA River. It also added a three-acre green space to the existing North Atwater Park, highlighted by permeable pavers in the parking lot, decorative fencing, a new picnic area, and an outdoor classroom."

Because Atwater Creek is a natural flowing tributary of the Los Angeles River, the project will have an impact on downstream water quality in addition to adding open space for the neighborhood. The North Atwater Creek Restoration and Park Expansion project required teamwork from several city departments--namely DPW, Bureau of Engineering, Rec and Parks, and the Bureau of Sanitation--and was funded by Supplemental Environmental Project funds from the US Environmental Protection Agency, along with the Proposition 50 California River Parkways Grant Program.
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North Atwater Park

3900 Chevy Chase Dr., Los Angeles, CA