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Saving Glass at Chase Bank, Founding the WeHo Historical Society, Last Minute CicLAvia Guidance

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HOLLYWOOD: A tipster is concerned about some lovely stained glass at the Chase Bank at Sunset and Crescent Heights (the former home of the Garden of Allah model, which is a whole other story). He writes: "the banker here just informed me that the bank will go through a major interior remodel in late April/early May. Within the bank is a gorgeous lighted wall that features hand blown glass that
is valued at, in his words, around 2 million dollars. It's clearly original to the bank and is amazingly intricate and beautiful. The Rep told me that the plan is to move this wall to the back of the bank; that's if it isn't destroyed- it is concrete and glass." Stay strong, pretty wall. And everyone else put in a good word when you go to deposit your checks. [Curbed Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: West Hollywood is going through some tough preservation times right now--a building at the former United Artists studio (now known as The Lot) were torn down last week and residents are fighting a renovation of Plummer Park that they say will destroy its historic character. Yesterday, Mayor Pro Tem Jeffrey Prang announced the organization of the Historical Society of West Hollywood. The first meeting should be held in early May; if you want to be a founding member, contact Larry Jackson at [WeHo Patch]

LOS ANGELES: CicLAvia, the best thing ever in the world, is happening again this Sunday! In case you missed it, here's the guide to some of the architecture and events along the route. [Curbed Staff]

Chase Bank Sunset

8150 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA