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Pasadena's Quirky Casa de Pajaros on a Third of an Acre

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According to the listing, this little birdie is the Casa de Pajaros, "built over a period of 17 years, beginning in 1928." It adds that the house "remains today as a testament to one man's creativity and vision," but who's the man? Who's the man, listing? The house doesn't appear to be a Pasadena landmark and there's little other info, but we would hope at the very least that those stones were personally hauled out of the Arroyo Seco (which is often the case with stone houses in the area). Either way, it sits on a third of an acre with oak and eucalyptus trees, and has two bedrooms and one bathrooms in its 1,430 square foot main house, as well as a detached studio with a bathroom and laundry area. Asking price is $675,000.
· 1736 OLD GROVE Rd [Redfin]