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Test How Much You Know About LA's Many Cultures

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This month it'll be 20 years since the LA Riots and in one of what will surely be many markings, Los Angeles magazine has dedicated its April issue to the riots and to race in LA. Most of it is print-only right now, but there's some can't miss stuff online too--we loved the stories from LA mag journalists who were working on the story (for assorted outlets) at the time and the deep-in-the-action photos by photojournalist Ted Soqui (who had to hide his equipment in a paper bag and process his film in his garage because no photo stores were open). In a far more lighthearted, print-only feature, the magazine also has a Cultural Competency Quiz, to test how much we all know now about our multicultural city. The first half is down below. See how you do. Updated 5:13 pm: Now with answers!

· Race In L.A. [Los Angeles]