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Astani's Downtown Gamechanger, Angelena, Comes Into Focus

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Yes, it's only seven stories, but developer Sonny Astani's proposed mixed-use project Angelena would still be a big get for Downtown. Grand Ave., south of Seventh, behind the Brockman and Bottega Louie, is currently a no-man's land filled with giant parking lots and garages all the way to South Park. Angelena would fill in a big block and funnel some action from bustling Seventh. Brigham Yen has nabbed the first rejiggered rendering of Angelena, shrunken from the original (which included a 38 story tower). Now Angie will be a smaller lady made of glass, concrete, and steel. The project will be built in phases, but end up with 700 residential units with about 30,000 square feet of retail, including a grocery store, and 737 parking spaces. Astani, behind many Downtown projects, including the former Concerto tower now known as Apex, has $50 million in the bank for this project, but likely needs a few bundles more to get shovels in the ground. Yen speculates that this girl will going in 2013.
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