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Anaheim Back on the High-Speed Rail Route

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The recently-released California High-Speed Rail business plan that would have cut Anaheim off of the line? The Orange County Register reports that the board of the California High Speed Rail authority thought better of it and today passed the plan with an amendment that brings Anaheim back into the fold. OC stakeholders weren't happy last week when the news hit that the Los Angeles to Anaheim leg of the rail journey would be cut an attempt to save $6 billion for the $68 billion plan (the project had met intense scrutiny in recent months when costs ballooned to $100 billion). Local officials lined up to protest the new plans for the high-speed rail plan--including Lucy Dunn at the Orange County Business Council, who penned a letter that "seemed to make a strong impact with the Rail Authority board," according to the OCR. Under the terms of the amendment, "the Southern California Passenger Rail Planning Coalition will consider options for a connection that will cost less and be less intrusive than a full-build connection enabling the one-seat ride to Anaheim." Any decisions about electrifying the LA-to-Anaheim leg, making it truly high-speed, will be made later. The State Legislature must still approve the business plan.
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