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Whisky a Go Go Sign to Hang in New England House

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There are probably few things less metal than a barroom in a personal home in New England, but that's where the Whisky a Go Go's eighties-era neon sign has ended up. The LA Business Journal reports (sub. req.) that new owners have picked up the 14 foot long, pink sign at auction for $35,000 and intend to put it in a new bar they're building at their house. The sign, which just says "The Whisky," went up on the legendary Sunset Strip club in 1981, at "the dawn of a decade that would bring rockers such as Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue through the club on their way to stardom" (Rock of Ages, the fictionalized film version of that decade at the Whisky, comes out in June, incidentally.). The sign was taken down in 2004; documentary filmmaker named Erik Quisling found it out by the trash and bought it for $4,000. A rep for the auction house says that during this most recent sale "other interested parties included a rock star and a large institution."
· Plugged Into Rock History [LABJ, sub. req.]