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Echo Park Lake's Cracked Bottom, 52 Offers on EP Property

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ECHO PARK: This shot was taken recently from atop the Clinton stairs rising over Echo Park Lake, which is in the midst of a years-long drain and scrubdown. Work is clearly progressing on $65 million project, with the Echo Park Patch reporting in late March that the boathouse work is just about done. Meanwhile, "the entire lake edge is being relined with concrete, a process that will take six months." [Curbed Staff]

ECHO PARK: About a mile from the Clinton steps is 1306 Waterloo, a lot with two moderately-sized houses for sale on it. A tipster tells us that, even though the houses are fixer-uppers, they've received an intense amount of interest--52 offers, according an agent he talked to. Well, when you're asking $420,000, one can see why. [Curbed Inbox]

Echo Park Lake

751 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA