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Salt Lake City is Way More Shallow Than Los Angeles

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It's nothing illuminating for the people who actually live here or anything, but Los Angeles is not the most shallow city in the country! The real surprise is that the most shallow city in the country (at least based on a handful of rankings relying on a range of scientific rigor) is Salt Lake City. Salon takes a look at city stereotypes--here's ours: "Sun-baked idiots who care more about Beemers and boob jobs than culture and current events," which sounds about right--and shows how very few are actually true. Salt Lake City has the most plastic surgeons per capita, spends more on cosmetic procedures, and does more internet searches for "breast implants" than any other city, a metric in which LA did not even rate in the top five (of course who needs to Google when the info is on every other billboard?). They also spend more on cars, whereas LA rates in the middle of the pack (but buys the most Priuses). And just to bust up the stereotypes a little more: "Washingtonians blow more money on clothes. Atlanta gets more hair transplants. New Orleans watches more TV. And of the 50 biggest cities, L.A. has the 11th most college degrees per square mile." That stuff about the twist of lemon in LA Story is still pretty accurate, though.
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