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Awesome Theory Alert: the Carmageddon Baby Boom

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It's been 40 weeks since Carmageddon, the 10-mile, no big deal at all shutdown of the 405 Freeway. And you know what 40 weeks is--the gestation period for a human baby! With everyone, especially Westsiders, stuck in their houses "playing cards" that weekend, NBC LA wondered if there will be a Carmageddon baby boom. They even roped Cedars-Sinai into their investigation, where the chair of the OB/GYN department tells them "Our prenatal classes are fuller than they often are." Hmmm. And? One woman had been trying to get pregnant for four and a half years before Carmageddon and is now due any day. Sure, an obstetrician thinks it's related to holing up and taking off the pressure a bit, but never discount the Carmageddon miracle. And anyone hoping for a little one a year from now: Carmageddon 2 debuts this summer.
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