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George Harrison's Immortalized Blue Jay Way House For Sale

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Back in 1967, there was a fog upon LA and George Harrison was waiting in his rental house up in the Hollywood Hills Bird Streets for Beatles pressman Derek Taylor to show up (but he and his wife had lost their way: "We'll be over soon they said/Now they've lost themselves instead."). He noticed his landlord had left a Hammond organ in the house and sat down and wrote "Blue Jay Way," which was released on the Beatles's Magical Mystery Tour later that year. The house has been serving as a rental again lately (since selling last in 2009), but now it's up for sale. The three-bedroom was built in 1964, but renovated in 1984, according to Redfin, and comes with four-tenths of an acre of land, a wraparound patio, a firepit, pool, spa, screening room, a two-car garage, and what looks like a pretty righteous library. Asking price is $4.599 million.

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