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Metro to Consider a Valley Light Rail or Busway on Sepulveda

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Metro is planning a north-south transit line in the Valley and, up until recently, the connection--whether it be an Orange Line-like busway, a streetcar, or a light rail--was designed for Van Nuys Blvd. Now, Sepulveda, or a combo of Van Nuys and Sepulveda, will be considered, according to the Daily News. Metro added the 405-adjacent Sepulveda to the mix after receiving requests for transit on the boulevard during public meetings last October. "One of the comments we got was that we should be looking at the Sepulveda corridor and not just the Van Nuys corridor, and that we should also be looking at a northern terminus option up at the Sylmar/San Fernando Metrolink Station," Metro's Renee Berlin told the newspaper. The transit corridor being studied is more than 10 miles, from Ventura Blvd. to the aforementioned Metrolink station. Stuart Waldman of the Valley Industry and Commerce Association told the Daily News that Sepulveda is a better option because it could connect better with the 405 widening project, which is adding a northbound carpool lane to the freeway. Sounds like Waldman is expecting a bus project for Sepulveda, which, considering the budget Metro is working with--$168.5 million--seems about right.

That $168.5 million includes $100 million from the state and the remainder from Measure R monies. If the feds kick in some more, there may be more of a potential for light rail (though the 8.5 mile Downtown-to-Culver City Expo Line cost about $930 million).

Groups like The Transit Coalition have long pushed for the proposed and mysterious transit connection over the Sepulveda Pass to connect with the north-south Valley line. Looks like Metro is still looking at both projects separately.

Back to the Valley project--Metro is holding more public meetings on the north-south connection this month, with the first on Thursday in San Fernando.
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