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Where's the Best Place in LA to Prep For a Zombie Attack?

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Via Gawker comes Map of the Dead, a handy tool for getting yourself through the zombie apocalypse, aka a map guide to all of your local gun stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, hardware stores, liquor stores, malls, outdoor stores, pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, airports, harbors, gas stations, radio towers, police station, military posts, dentists (??), cemeteries, and campgrounds. We centered the little zombie fighter at The Grove, since it's pretty fortress-like, but figuring out the best place to resist zombies in LA is a little tricky. Downtown would be pretty good if it weren't such a grocery store desert. This information isn't just for zombie attacks, of course--it'll come in handy in all kinds of situations, like if aliens invade, or the Earth's core stops spinning, or if a volcano erupts under the tar pits. God speed!
· Map of the Dead [Official Site]