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Vulgar Come On in Glendale, Beverly West Makes Its Debut

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GLENDALE: A reader is wondering what's up with this mildly vulgar graphic in Glendale near the 2 Freeway. Is it art? Is it an ad? Is it Steven Tyler? Anyone? [Curbed Inbox]

WESTWOOD: The Beverly West tower in Condo Canyon, which took approximately forever to wrap things up, finally officially opened for business on February 29 and has now sold its first unit, for $5 million. The 22-story building has 34 units, some furnished, each with a dedicated elevator, and ranging from about $1.5 million to $22.4 million. It was developed by Dubai-based Emaar (which bought it from Fifield) and designed by Richard Keating. We'll be taking a full tour soon. [Curbed Inbox]

Beverly West

1200 Club View Dr., Los Angeles, CA