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Arcadia Turns Down Opportunity to Develop Bike Plan

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The city of Arcadia went and did something reminiscent of a different era--say the 1960s--and rejected a contract to develop a citywide bike plan. According to the Arcadia City Council agenda for March 6, 2012, city staff recommended approving a contract with consultant Ryan Snyder Associates (the same company that recently produced the Living Streets Manual) for $82,178, but the council did not oblige. BikingInLA quotes a dispatch from Vincent Chang of the LA County Bicycle Coalition's San Gabriel Valley affiliate explaining the council's decision: "Mayor Pro Tem Robert C. Harbicht took the lead to nix a contract with a bike plan consultant to prepare a bike plan for the city," adding, "Harbic[h]t stated he had concerns about federal funding for bike access in general as he didn't believe cycling can be a legitimate form of alternate transportation." BikingInLA goes on to discuss whether bike lanes are actually safer than riding in the flow vehicle traffic, but the action by Arcadia is a notable setback for a movement that has made nothing but positive legislative movement with local governments for some time, including the county's recent approval of its Countywide Bicycle Master Plan.
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