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Mid-Century Modern with Six Bedrooms in Beachwood Canyon

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Though the vast majority of real estate listings use a shot of the home's front exterior for the first photo in their gallery, it's not always the best strategy. Such would seem to be the case with this mid-century mod in Beachwood Canyon, which instead leads off with a pic of the living room--a very sound choice, given that a) the front of the property is largely shrouded from view by a cluster of trees, and b) it's a pretty damn awesome room. And the rest of the house, while not quite as impressive, is not too shabby either. Located half a mile north of Franklin Avenue, the 2,838 square foot open-plan residence features, per the listing, six bedrooms, four baths, hardwood floors, clerestory windows, built-in storage, a fireplace, covered porch, and "private parking pad for five cars." Last sold in 2001 for $690,000, it's now listed at $1.35 million.
· 2215 CANYON Dr [Redfin]