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Check Out Metro's Possible New Rail Cars

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Images via The Source

The Source reports that Metro staff has recommended the agency sign contract with a Massachusetts-based light rail car producer for at least 78 rail cars and possibly up to 235. The cars would be used on the forthcoming Expo Line, Gold Line Foothill Extension, and Crenshaw Line, and on the Blue Line, which is set to retire 69 cars "later in this decade." According to The Source, "Although the design of the interiors of the new cars has not been finalized, many of the seats in the new cars will be wider than the new rail cars that debuted on the Gold Line in recent years. There will also be efforts made to maximize extra space for bikes in the rail cars." As part of the contract, the company would have to open a new production facility in the US. The Metro Board of Directors will consider the contract at a committee meeting next week and at a board meeting the week after.
· Metro staff recommends contract for purchase of new light rail cars [The Source]