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Architecture Lectures, A+D's Wearable Design Benefit, Expo Line Open Date Extreme Rumormongering

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: Aaroe Architectural has been hosting a series of semi-private architecture lectures at the Pacific Design Center, and now they're throwing the doors open. On Monday morning, architect Marc Appleton, interior designer/former teen dream Kathryn Ireland, and others will talk about "Constructing the Best Team for Your Dream Home." Next month, Michael Lehrer discusses "Sustainable Luxury and the Luxury of Sustainability: Living Well by Living Good." All the info here. [Curbed Inbox]

MIRACLE MILE: Tomorrow night, the Architecture + Design Museum is hosting its annual fundraiser, which includes "a salon style runway event" with "wearable artworks" by artists, architects, and designers including Neil Denari, Electroland, Frederick Fisher, Richard Meier, Marmol Radziner, Minarc, John Baldessari, Trina Turk, and many, many, many more. The pieces will be auctioned off at the end of the night. And just for a little extra fun, Charles Phoenix and Frances Anderton will host. [Curbed Inbox]

SOUTH LA: Take this with a million grains of salt, but a reader floats a possible Expo Line open date: "We live 2 blocks from the Crenshaw stop on the Expo line. My husband works downtown and has been eagerly (obsessively) awaiting the start of operations. To that end, he actually pulled over and asked a transit worker on the line if they knew when the official start date was - not the first time he's done this - and the guy told him it's starting official operations on April 14th?My husband just corrected me, 4/13 is the start date. Really, Friday the 13th?!" Word was that pre-revenue testing, the last stage before opening, began in late January, and that's supposed to take about three months, so we're not sure how plausible early April is. Plus, the construction authority said just last week that it's still having trouble with the Blue Line junction. [Curbed Inbox] Pictured: one of Electroland's designs for the A+D event

A+D Museum

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