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Beverly Hills Hotel Getting Just a Little Work Done For Its 100th

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The Beverly Hills Hotel is turning 100 on May 12 and to celebrate, it's going to refrain from messing too much with a good thing. A press release says the hotel will start "a thoughtful refurbishment program in March of 2012 to enhance the vibrancy of the hotel." According to Edward A. Mady, general manager of the hotel's ownership group, "The hotel's signature banana leaves, green and white stripes and famous pink exterior will remain a constant, while the lobby, Polo Lounge, guestrooms, and famed pool and cabanas will be stylishly refreshed to make us internationally relevant with today's luxury traveler,'" The Beverly Hills Hotel opened in 1912, two years before Beverly Hills was officially incorporated. They'll also be opening a time capsule "placed at the property's front red-carpet entrance in 1993" (artifacts are "rumored" to include one of George Burns's cigars). And the hotel will be releasing The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows - The First 100 Years, by Robert S. Anderson, the hotel historian and descendant of original owner Margaret Anderson. HotelChatter has more on the festivities.
· The Beverly Hills Hotel is Kicking Off Its Centennial Celebrations with Some Renovations [HotelChatter]

Beverly Hills Hotel

9641 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210