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66 Santa Monica Trees to Be Moved or Removed For Expo Line

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This month, 66 trees along the Expo Line right-of-way--adjacent to Olympic and between Stewart and Cloverfield--will be dug up and hauled off to make way for the forthcoming train, which will cross Olympic to reach Colorado Blvd. The good news is that 52 of the trees will receive new homes, the Santa Monica Mirror reports (the other 14 trees would either be too expensive to move or just wouldn't survive the jostling). The trees to be relocated include 15 date palms that are "are proposed to be relocated to fill street tree vacancies on street segments where the date palm is the designated street tree," according to a City Hall staff report quoted by the Mirror. Two melaleucas and four queen palms will likely head to Twenty-Sixth between Olympic and Cloverfield, and the remaining 31 ficus trees will be temporarily stored until a home can be found for them, though it looks like they may help buffer the Expo Line maintenance facility near Bergamot Station.
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