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Dictator Towers Over DTLA, 8000 Sunset Sale, Redfin Reviews

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DOWNTOWN: You know, if we didn't know these were giant ads for the Sacha Baron Cohen movie The Dictator, we'd almost kind of dig the mega-portraits on the side of the Figueroa Hotel. [Curbed Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: First the Laemmle theater closes, then TMZ announces it's leaving, and now 8000 Sunset is up for sale. What's going on here? According to a Real Estate Alert neswsletter story sent on by a tipster, the current owners bought the shopping center in 2006 for $76.5 million. And while it's still 92% leased with a Trader Joe's, a CB2, a Crunch gym, a forthcoming new movie theater, and 1,000 glorious parking spots, "it is a trickier play due to its roughly 20,000 sf of office space." [Curbed Inbox]

THE INTERNET: The good people at Redfin have launched Open Book, "a local reviews site for lenders, inspectors and title companies," for LA, San Diego, and Orange Counties. Eventually they'll also add review for stagers, landscapers, and handymen. The reviews will be totally free and come from existing Redfin users who are certified to have used the services being reviewed. [Curbed Inbox]

8000 Sunset

8000 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA