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Here's the Bel Air Mansion With 41 Bathrooms

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Last week, the LA Times reported on the hot new trend for rich people looking to spend a bunch of money: bathrooms! Mansions now come standard with enough to accommodate a couple of baseball teams. Recently retired Studio City-based architect Bob Ray Offenhauser told the paper his method for calculating the number of bathrooms he'd put in a mansion: he started "with two for the master bedroom and one for each bedroom. Then he'd add a couple of powder rooms and a bathroom for the swimming pool. And then he prepared himself for the client to ask for even more." Back in 1985, Offenhauser designed a house in Bel Air with a measly 15 bathrooms (for 13 bedrooms). In the intervening years, as our nation's stock of bathrooms has repeatedly been threatened by a shrinking international supply and overuse here at home, the owners have hoarded bathrooms and the house now has 41. The LAT thinks that it may hold the local record. The house was recently on the market, asking $40 million, with photos that somehow manage not to show a single bathroom.
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