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Hodgetts Loves Blade Runner, Lorena Heights Filling Up

ON THE RADIO: Architect Craig Hodgetts of the venerable Hodgetts + Fung guest DJed today for KCRW's Guest DJ Project--he played Miles Davis, the Beatles, Terry Riley, Vangelis, and a Haydn trumpet concerto. He says he wanted to play trumpet like Davis and that he was obsessed with the Blade Runner soundtrack: "It was like the best background music for working on, at that time, with a drafting pen -- which you don’t do any more, and I don’t have any ear buds. But the soundtrack is full of urban and electronic sounds overlayed by Vangelis over a very, very broad palette of synthesizer sounds and other things." [KCRW]

BOYLE HEIGHTS: The affordable Lorena Heights Apartments had its official opening today in Boyle Heights and they're already very, very popular. According to a press release, more than 800 people have submitted applications and the project is at 84% occupancy after a month and a half of leasing. The project has two four-story buildings with 112 two- and three-bedroom units. They're open to families making 30 to 60% of the LA County median incomes. [Curbed Inbox]