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The 15.83 Miles of Wilshire Boulevard, By the Numbers

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The LA Department of Transportation has been working with Good on illustrating the LA/2B project, the "virtual town hall" where Angelenos can discuss ideas for improving transportation in Los Angeles (the discussion will eventually lead to a new Mobility Element plan for the city). The team's last infographic looked at our commutes and compared them to other major cities. A new one out yesterday looks at streets--specifically, Wilshire Boulevard, which just happens to run through the whole city, from Downtown to the beach, linking up all kinds of different communities (and 1,084 public trees). The piece was designed by local artist/designer Brian Gossett, who writes that it "reveals how our streets go beyond just getting us from point A to point B. They actively shape our city’s culture—connecting lifestyles, neighborhoods and people in the wide-ranging grid that makes up Los Angeles."