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Pierre Koenig's Last Design is Finished and For Sale in Malibu

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When the Gantert Residence in the Hollywood Hills hit the market last fall, it was frequently described as the last built house designed by Pierre Koenig, who's most famous for his Case Study Houses Nos. 21 and 22 (aka the Stahl House). The Gantert has just been bumped--sort of. For years, Serial mid-century modern collector/preservationist Michael LaFetra has talked about his plans to build a Koenig design on a beachfront lot in Malibu that was once occupied by a Pia Zadora-owned spec house. In fact, he bought that land in 1999, before even his first major modern acquisition, CSH No. 21. Shortly after buying 21, he got a call from Koenig, according to a 2005 LA Times article, and they became friends. In 2000 Koenig offered to build LaFetra a beach house. The house has just been finished, but Koenig died in 2004.

According to the old LAT story, "The plan Koenig ultimately came up with called for a house built from a massive steel-and-glass grid, with living space on the first two floors and three bedrooms on the top level. The entire wall facing the ocean would be made of transparent glass. Although LaFetra asked for polished concrete and cork floors in place of the vinyl tile Koenig favored, in most other ways the house would adhere to Koenig's spare style. It would have an open floor plan and would be finished with Sheetrock and painted steel."

But Koenig became sick during the process and died in 2004, during zoning work. His wife Gloria told LaFetra that he had wanted James Tyler, known for his work with architect Craig Ellwood, to take over. Tyler has apparently just finished the house (its "year built" date on Redfin is listed as 2012) and LaFetra, who's now known for constantly churning his scads of modern houses, has decided to sell it.

According to the listing, the house has four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, radiant heating, solar power, "its own drawbridge," and a view that Koenig said "rivals CSH #22." Asking price is $18.495 million.
· 6525 POINT LECHUZA Dr [Redfin]
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