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Silver Lake Ralphs Probably Won't Become the Next Americana

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Concerned and perhaps excited Silver Lakers are writing the Curbed mailbox, hoping to get to the bottom of rumors that the Ralphs shopping plaza on Glendale Blvd. near Fletcher Dr. might get some kind of massive mixed-use development. "[I] heard that the Ralphs strip mall over at Fletcher and Glendale will be closed by the end of the year," writes one reader. "[T]he people at the video store said the whole place will be demolished and new 'Americana' type center will be built. huge condos on top with fancy store fronts on the first floor. they mentioned a 3 level parking structure underground as well." Another reader: "I've been hearing from some local merchants that there's a plan afoot to tear down the Ralphs & CVS (whole complex really) and build a large condo/apartment- over- retail complex there, allegedly a Kroger's project that's been approved with no community involvment...There are already 2 vacant stores there (baskin robins and round table pizza, and supposedly the KFC and Video rental shop there have leases expiring at year's end)."

Councilman Eric Garcetti's office tells us they don't know of any such "Americana-type" plans. We're waiting to hear back from the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's Urban Design committee, which often knows about projects early on. Update: The SLNC hasn't received any variance or subdivision applications, they tell us. Also, Eastsider LA noted the potential changes and mass exodus of tenants back in January, but never got any answers from Ralphs or the property management company.

An employee at 20/20 Video does believe the store is closing soon, but it's Ralphs manager Darren Evans who seems to know the real deal. He tells us there's a remodel planned for his store in July, though it's not confirmed. The grocery store would see both interior and exterior changes, and it could possibly expand to take over the nearby CVS. The DVD store, Roundtable Pizza, and Baskin-Robbins are all between Ralphs and the drugstore, so they'd likely be taken out in that expansion. So, sorry Silver Lakers, it looks like you'll probably still have to drive to Glendale or Fairfax for an artificial shopping village experience. Or does someone know something different? Let us know if you do.
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