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1920s Spanish in Silver Lake With Some Bold Personal Touches

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While we harbor great affection for Silver Lake's celebrated foot clinic sign--long may it rotate--we don't imagine we'll ever really cotton to the idea of calling the surrounding neighborhood HaFo SaFo. Especially now that we know the tract's original name: Olivedale! It's not clear why that name didn't stick--there don't seem to be many references to it online, although one we found is pretty good. It's from the website Looking For Mabel Normand, a fan page dedicated to the silent film star, which contains a section on the numerous aviators of the actress's acquaintance who perished in plane crashes. One such pilot was the stunt flyer Frank Stite, who, prior to his fatal flight, performed an "exhibition at Sunset and Coronado for the grand opening of the Olivedale housing tract [wherein] he dropped a shower of coins and certificates on the heads of the crowd gathered." Who knows, maybe some of those coins landed on the lot of this new listing. Built in 1923, the Spanish-style two-bedroom house features hardwood floors, barrel vaulted ceilings, French doors, an enclosed porch, vintage fixtures, views of the Hollywood Hills, and a detached garage. Oh, and it also boasts a very, um, artistically remodeled bathroom, complete with an homage to Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam. Asking price for the 1,040 square foot residence is $788,700.
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