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Palms Going (Sorta) Urban With Seven-Story Rental Mixed-Use

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Low-slung Palms is one of the few unpretentious Westside neighborhoods, still somewhat affordable for those working in Santa Monica, Westwood, or the studios. Are changes on the horizon? This mixed-use apartment building is steadily rising at Motor and Palms; it'll eventually grow to seven stories including a first floor with retail, two floors of parking above, and four floors of apartments with 31 "luxurious" units, according to contractor Pacific West Builders. The project's designed by local architect Archisystems International and Pacific West promises nice landscaping that will hopefully make the area a little less concrete-y. Precious little information is available on the development, but we do know it's near the cute little Woodbine Park and three blocks from the Palms Expo Line station, which should open with the Rapture by 2016. It'll join the nearby Regent Lofts in its efforts to fancy up the neighborhood.
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