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Plummer Park Landmarking Voided By Endangered Buildings

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Is this irony? The West Hollywood residents who are trying to prevent the big makeover of Plummer Park "suffered a setback Tuesday night when a report delivered to the Historic Preservation Commission stated Plummer Park's historic landmark designation was no longer valid," reports WeHo Patch. And it's no longer valid because it was made in 1935 and the park has since been extensively altered with the addition of many of the features the Protect Plummer Park group wants to save, including the depression-era Great Hall/Long Hall (set to be demolished) and Fiesta Hall (set to be altered, see rendering). Other features, including a dance pavilion and a well, were demolished long ago and the 1874 house built by Captain Eugenio Plummer was moved to Calabasas in the eighties. Protect Plummer Park had been hoping the landmarking would prevent the city from making planned changes. WeHo's Historic Preservation Commission encouraged residents to submit a new landmark application. Meanwhile, the city is working on revising the Plummer Park makeover plans that made so many people so angry in the first place. Those are scheduled to be released in May.
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Plummer Park

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