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All the Details on the Proposed Red/Orange Line Link in NoHo

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We reported on Monday that Metro applied for a federal loan that would help pay for an underground walkway between NoHo's adjacent Red Line subway station and Orange Line busway stop (crossing Lankershim is often frustrating and tedious for commuters). Metro has graciously provided more details on the project, including this schematic of the proposed design. On the money front: Metro is asking for $17.6 million from the Feds in the form of a TIGER Grant; the transit agency would still have to cough up $4.4 million for the connector.

Should the money come through, an opening is expected for fall 2014, with the project generating 300 jobs over a two year construction period. The tunnel would be 150 feet long and link the east mezzanine level of the subway stop to the Orange Line platform across Lankershim. "The pedestrian connector will integrate the Red Line subway and Orange Line Rapid Transit by mirroring current station art and finishes on the interior and exterior," according to a Metro fact sheet, which adds that the tunnel will reduce delays for cars and transit users, while reducing emissions and the possibility of car/pedestrian accidents.
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