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Inside Good Idea Studio's 495 Square Foot House in Echo Park

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This past weekend, we visited three of the houses on Design East of La Brea's Echo Park House Tour (we'd already visited the Kevin Wronske-designed Dick and Jane houses last year). We've made our drive-by design judgments, now on to the architecture.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Architecture firm Good Idea Studio says this little guy is "Quite possibly the smallest new house in Echo Park." It clocks in at 495 square feet on a lot that used to house an 1897 Victorian. After a fire, the house was converted to a duplex, which owner John Oddo finally decided to tear down a few years ago (an addition was termite infested). The LA Times reported last year that Oddo had hoped to build his "wonder space," but was turned down for a construction loan as the bubble burst. So instead GIS built him this clever little space with a living/kitchen area, a bathroom, a bedroom, and two patios for $245 per square foot.
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