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Terrible Mover Reviews: Mover Got Drunk on His Way Over

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During Moving Power Hour, we'll be bringing you some of the most awful moving experiences, culled from reviews on Yelp. Enjoy!

"DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I had the most horrendous experience spending a Sunday with them. The first part of the move (loading up my stuff on the truck) went fine, but then it all devolved rapidly. It took the movers over an hour to get from my old house to my new house, which is a whopping 1 mile away. When I asked what had taken them so long, the driver explained that they made a stop along the way at an acquaintance's residence. They must have had some kinda fun time, because one of the movers smelled like alcohol when they showed up at our new house to unload the stuff. They spent nearly 3 hours just trying to get our sofa up into our unit. They decided not to take my advice to use the WIDE staircase where it would be easier to move the sofa, so instead they used the narrow staircase where the sofa got stuck and the fabric was scuffed as they tried to wedge it through some tight spots.

"We were refunded 1 hour due to the the exorbinant amount of time the movers spent trying to get our sofa into our unit, and were sent a check that we were told was insurance to cover the damages resulting from the botched sofa move up the stairs.

"I will not be using these guys for any future moves."