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Terrible Mover Reviews: Movers Broke Literally Half the Stuff

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During Moving Power Hour, we'll be bringing you some of the most awful moving experiences, culled from reviews on Yelp. Enjoy!

"DISASTER! Do not use.

"Oz gave me a very reasonable quote for my cross-country move from NY to LA. They packed up my entire apartment very quickly -- (I realize now that's because they just threw a lot of my things into boxes without properly packing). When my things arrived in LA, half of the items were broken. Literally. And I don't have a lot of fancy things -- books were thrown into boxes so carelessly that when I unpacked, covers were ripped off, books were ripped in half. The guys that packed up the kitchen were good - - everything from that room was packed well and in tact.

"But, otherwise ....

"The glass was shattered in just about every single picture frame, broken lamps, broken end tables, broken TV, two broken bookshelves, broken couch - which is the most expensive item I own.

"The worst part was how shady they were about the whole thing - Trying to hide the damage. The legs were broken off my couch and I noticed the movers trying to balance my couch on the unattached legs! When I called it out, they sheepishly admitted that the legs had broken off in the move.

"What followed was the most annoying two months of paperwork, chasing down insurance money (thank goodness I had purchased insurance), and throwing out many, many of my belongings, and repairing what could be salvaged."