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Downtown SaMo's Depression-Era Post Office Probably Closing

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Somewhere, FDR sheds a tear. The downtown Santa Monica post office on Fifth, near Arizona, is slated for closure, according to the Santa Monica Patch and an internal email forwarded to Curbed. With much pomp and circumstance, the post office opened its doors in July 1938--it was part of FDR's New Deal-era Works Progress Administration. The post office will likely be sold and Patch commenters are already speculating on developers swooping in. Meanwhile, services at the post office, which is often busy, will move to a mail annex at Seventh St., about a mile away. There's a moratorium on closures, since Congress has until May 15 to come up with a plan to avoid the USPS downsizing. If the closure decision goes through in Santa Monica, there will also be public meetings for people to weigh in on the change. And to the south, Venice's stately Windward Circle post office, the one with the elaborate mural, is also slated for closure.
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