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Terrible Mover Reviews: Mover Peed His Pants at New House

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During Moving Power Hour, we'll be bringing you some of the most awful moving experiences, culled from reviews on Yelp. Enjoy!

NEVER HIRE this company.

Moving is already a hard process. Starving Students made my move 100 times more exhausting, frustrating and expensive to boot. Let me run down the basics of our move to show how fully awful this company is:

1. We were called by the drivers to tell us they were on their way. We gave the driver the north/ south cross streets as well as the east/ west. We basically gave them the exact block of LA that we lived in. It took them an hour to find us. They didn't seem to know ANY major intersection in the greater Los Angeles area. I had to be on the phone with them and literally walk them through each street light to get them to our house. (now the fun begins)

2. The meter starts on our move at this point. Our two genius movers proceed to walk us through the paperwork. They have a difficult time both reading and understanding their own contract. We help them with the big words. (PS you are charged for this time). Finally after 40 minutes of pain they FINALLY move the first item.

3. Our movers are sooooooo slow. They repeatedly tell us that this is their 3rd move of the day. Ironically there is no discount in rate for getting a team of movers who are exhausted before they begin your move. Awesome.

4. We end up doing at least 60% of the work because we are now battling the clock and the sunlight.

5. They poorly pack the truck. The couch is at a 45 degree angle and wedged between boxes. I had to stop them from stacking heavy boxes onto a curved headboard. They had to be watched like a hawk to make sure our things were safe. They just wanted to get it over with.

6. At the new house we end up cutting them off before everything is in our new apartment due to the time. It has taken extra time at the house due to the fact that one of the two genius movers peed his pants. Yes that is right. A grown man who had access to our bathroom soiled his pants and stayed in the truck until he could change his pants. This left just one mover doing the work.

7. Now the sign out process...we wait on Mr. Soggy Pants to finish the paperwork. He sits outside staring at his phone trying to get a signal for 30 minutes. Finally he comes in the house and reaches the office to settle the bill. We are then informed that the office computer needs to boot up. This will take 20 minutes. Finally we are given our total. It is $600. We ask how that is possible given the time frame and rate. We come to find that they want to charge us for the time that Soggy Pants couldn't get a signal and the time it took the computer to boot up. This is an additional hour and change!!!

*We did finally get that ridiculous hour waved from our bill. Still, this was the worst experience I have EVER had with a move.

Hiring this company is like overpaying two of your laziest, stoner friends to move your things. Can't stress enough that if this is the only moving company available...Don't move!!!