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EaHo Villas For the Homeless, Protesting Carter Garden Sale

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EAST HOLLYWOOD: There was a grand opening this morning for the La Kretz Villas in Silver Lake East Hollywood, on Juanita near Vermont Ave., which will house 48 formerly homeless individuals, with social services provided just down the block at the People Assisting the Homeless Mall. The project was designed by Killefer Flammang and developed by Related and PATH Ventures. Real estate investor Morton La Kretz donated the property, according to a release. Fourteen of the Villas's new tenants were identified in last year's homeless survey in Silver Lake. [Curbed Inbox]

BEL AIR: UCLA is selling off the Hannah Carter Japanese Garden on Bellagio Road, which was donated to the school in 1964 by Edward and Hannah Carter. Many people, from Councilmember Paul Koretz to the Carters' son, are upset with the decision, and now there's a protest planned. "Supporters of the Hannah Carter Japanese Garden will stage a protest at the Open House of the property on April 1 from 2:00pm to 5:00pm," according to a release. They seem to be referring to the scheduled open house for the adjacent Carter House, which is also up for sale--the protest will be held outside that property, on Siena Way. "Supporters will mobilize along the road leading up to the property with signs and flyers to protest the sale." [Curbed Inbox]

Hannah Carter Japanese Garden

10619 Bellagio Rd., Los Angeles, CA