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5 Starter Homes in Up and Coming East Hollywood

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Back in February, with the writing on the wall that Highland Park is already deep into its gentrification, we set about trying to find "the next Highland Park." Curbed readers voted on the neighborhoods they thought were most ripe for a rebirth and throughout Rookie Roosts Week we'll be surveying potential starter homes in some of those neighborhoods--in up and coming areas, first-time buyers can get more bang for their buck, before waves of yogurt and yoga places drive home prices up. Today we visit East Hollywood, sandwiched conveniently between gentrifying Hollywood and gentrified Los Feliz and Silver Lake.

756 N. Virgil Ave.
Price: $275,000
Bedrooms/bathrooms: 2/1
Square feet: 884
Extras: Built-in, dining room, detached garage, basement

1559 Winona, Unit F-1
Price: $259,000 with HOAs of $387 per month
Bedrooms/bathrooms: 3/3
Square feet: 1,464
Extras: Pool

1117 N. Kenmore Ave.
Price: $284,900
Bedrooms/bathrooms: 2/1
Square feet: 1,512
Extras: Hardwood floors, half of a remodel (really more of a drawback than an extra)

947 N. Oxford Ave.
Price: $399,900
Bedrooms/bathrooms: 2/2 in front house and 1/1 in back
Square feet: 1,542
Extras: Bonus unit (with rent control)

1014 N. Alexandria Ave.
Price: $485,000
Bedrooms/bathrooms: 3/1.5
Square feet: 1,581
Extras: Attached garage, dining room, fireplace, detached bonus room with fireplace
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