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WeHo's Long-Empty El Mirador Could Become an "Urban Inn"

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The long saga of the El Mirador building in West Hollywood is moving toward resolution, according to WeHo Patch. Back in 2010, property owner Jerome Nash evicted renters under the Ellis Act in the hopes of renovating the 1929 building. The dispute between the city and Nash over new windows for the building led to the evictions, but a window frame falling to the sidewalk in 2006 began the whole thing. The seven-story, 32-unit Spanish Colonial Revival building was declared a cultural resource in 1992. This week, however, WeHo's Historic Preservation Commission approved a development agreement that will allow Nash to move forward with renovations and reopen the building as an "urban inn" (the concept of the urban inn is similar to that of the San Vicente Inn, according to the Patch). If he didn't go with the inn plan, Nash could do a condo conversion, but would have to wait seven years before renting again. The development agreement required several amendments to the zoning code that will also require approval by the full city council.
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El Mirador Apartments

1302 North Sweetzer Avenue, West Hollywood, California