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Inside Jerome Pelayo's Quick and Inexpensive Sunia Home

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This past weekend, we visited three of the houses on Design East of La Brea's Echo Park House Tour (we'd already visited the Kevin Wronske-designed Dick and Jane houses last year). We've made our drive-by design judgments, now on to the architecture.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Jerome Pelayo built this house after buying a small house in Echo Park and realizing it needed more work than was worth it. In its place, he built his first Sunia Home, about 2,000 square feet and packed with green features like solar panels, greywater system, rainwater harvesting, and a stove that burns wood pellets. We're told the three-bedroom, two-bathroom house took just four months to build and cost a total of $350,000. Now he's decided to take the show on the road, designing and developing Sunia Homes in other urban areas for about $150 per square foot (including the foundation and solar panels, but not stuff like land and site prep).
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Sunia Homes

915 Rosemont Ave., Los Angeles, CA