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Parking on SaMo's Colorado Ave. Taking Hit from Expo Line

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It'll be four years until the Expo Line opens to Santa Monica, but its presence is already being felt in the city. Parking on Colorado Ave.--where the train heads after transitioning from Exposition Blvd. on its way to downtown SaMo--is getting reconfigured this month or early next, the Santa Monica Daily Press reports. Of the street's 183 spots, 114 will be removed, most on the south side of the street (some spaces on the north side will be removed for emergency vehicle access). To make up for the loss, the Expo Construction Authority is creating angled spaces on six nearby residential streets and one commercial road, creating 49 new spots spread around Ninth, Tenth, Twelfth, Euclid, Fifteenth, and Sixteenth. "The plan actually exceeds the number of spaces that need to be replaced that was identified in the rail line's [environmental] impact report," according to the Press.

The newspaper reports that some production companies are bemoaning the loss of spaces, though Colorado doesn't exactly seem hopping with business on most days. But considering how much parking other Westside entertainment campuses offer, there could be a valid worry about media companies leaving. Registering these new spots as preferential parking for residents or nearby employees won't work since most of the streets receiving the angled parking are already in preferential districts.
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