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Santa Monica Perks Up Streets With New Lights, Landscaping

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On Friday, Santa Monica cuts the ribbon on their Borderline Neighborhood Shared Streets Project in the southwest part of town. Six years in the making, the $2.1 million effort brought improvements to Longfellow Street and the connecting streets of Marine, Navy, and Ozone, between Longfellow and Lincoln Blvd. Before the improvements, the streets were narrow, paved from property line to property line, and had no sidewalks. The new work, referred to as a "living street" concept, brought in new trees, drought-tolerant landscaping, solar-powered street lights, decorative paving, and more area for walking. The streets are now compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and have given the area "a stronger sense of neighborhood," according to a release from the city. Santa Monica is also working on pedestrian-izing Ocean Park Blvd. and the intersection of Twentieth and Cloverfield.
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