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Better Shelter Bungalow in Los Feliz Asking $649k

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If the headline didn't already give it away, we bet you probably could have guessed this rehabbed 1920s Spanish bungalow in Los Feliz is yet another offering from the busy elves of Better Shelter. Located a few blocks east of the venerable Vista Theater (which we wish was still holding mandatory screenings of Coupon: The Movie), the 1,224 square foot house features three bedrooms, two baths, Carrara marble counters, a decorative fireplace, and BS's signature bright-white-walls-with-dark-wood-floors. The unstoppable flip factory purchased the property, which is sited on a 7,100 square foot lot, late last summer for $351,500; it's now listed at $649,000.
· 4137 SUNSET Dr [Zillow]