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NoHo May Get Underground Tunnel Between Red, Orange Lines

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Although the Google Street View cameras caught the intersection of Lankershim and Chandler in North Hollywood at a quiet moment, this area between the termini for the Orange Line busway and the Red Line subway can get quite busy with people hustling between the two lines. Commuters have often complained about having to wait for that long-ass light and missing a bus or train while they watch car after car zoom by. Well, Metro is attempting to address the problem--it applied for a federal TIGER Grant that would help fund an underground passageway between the two lines. The NoHo Red Line station does have "knock-out" panels that could be used to create an additional entrance/exit for the stop.

A commenter on The Source blog wrote last week that "Metro just applied for nearly $18 million in federal funding (out of a $22 million project budget) to construct an underground pedestrian connector between the Metro Orange Line boarding platform and the Metro NoHo subway station that will allow passengers to avoid the busy crossing on Lankershim Boulevard. If successful in getting the grant, the Connector would open in June 2014." Metro's Dave Sotero only confirms that the application has been made, but not any of the other details. Stay tuned.
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