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Restoring Feynman's Lecture Hall, Moby Talks Arch on KCRW

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PASADENA: Engineers must still earn enough to make alumni donations, because Caltech is busy with all kinds of construction on "at least 10 buildings" right now, according to the LA Business Journal. Restoration work has recently wrapped up at the 250 seat Richard P. Feynman Lecture Hall, where the famous physicist gave the Feynman Lectures on Physics in the early sixties. The building was built in the twenties and "still had its original folding wooden chairs, flooring and lighting," so builder Driver SPG did a surgical demolition, installed wiring and outlets, and built a new ceiling for the room. The big challenge was Feynman's six-piece chalkboard, which Albert Einstein is also rumored to have used--the company covered it in plywood during construction because they thought it'd be too fragile to move. Architecture firm Gensler is also working on three new neuroscience labs at the school and AC Martin is designing a basement room in the WM Keck Engineering Laboratories building. [LABJ, sub. req.]

RADIOLAND: Because we can never get enough of architecture dilletante/famous DJ Moby, here he is this week on KCRW's DnA. He tells host Frances Anderton about his architecture blog, the diversity of LA architecture, his admiration for Rem Koolhaas, and the "crystal meth facade" at his friend Julie's house. [KCRW]